Woof and Meow Waterproof Splash Blanket™


Introducing the "Woof and Meow" waterproof pet blanket by Splash Blanket – the ultimate solution for your fur babies' comfort and your peace of mind! Here's why every pet parent needs one:

  1. Super Soak-Up Power: Can hold up to a whole litre of liquid, this blanket is like a superhero for spills and accidents! No more worrying about your fur babies' little mishaps ruining your furniture or floors.

  2. Absorbent Magic: Our Blankets work their magic by absorbing and containing liquid efficiently. It's like having a furry friend-approved sponge that saves the day!

  3. Protect Your Precious Surfaces: Say goodbye to stains and damage caused by unpredictable furry antics. The "Woof and Meow" blanket acts as a protective shield for your furniture and floors, ensuring they stay pristine and paw-some.

  4. Cozy Comfort: Not only does the "Woof and Meow" blanket offer top-notch protection, but it also wraps your fur babies in a cocoon of plush comfort. It's like giving them a warm, fuzzy hug every time they snuggle up for a nap or cuddle session.

So, whether your fur babies are prone to messy meal times, outdoor adventures, or just love to lounge in style, the "Woof and Meow" waterproof pet blanket is the must-have accessory for every pet parent. Because when it comes to our beloved fur babies, only the best will do!

Made from 100% polyester

What's included

  • 1 Woof or Meow waterproof Splash Blanket (1.4 x 1.4meters - 55 x 55inches)
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