Sensual Yoni Guided Meditation


If you want to feel more alive, juicy and dripping wet with your own sensual erotic energy, this 15 minute guided meditation will take you to this place. (Use headphones or ear-pods for ultimate juiciness)

Allow the decadent, soothing voice of Rosie Rees guide you through a visual erotic meditation incorporating in breath, pelvic floor engagements and hands-on vulva cupping.

Self source your own sexual energy by centering your awareness in your Yoni and using your pelvic floor as a pump to infuse more self love, power and creative energy into your life.

Set an intention with how you wish to use this sensual energy you cultivate and enjoy the invigorating nutrients from this practice

Enjoy the ritual, take your time and be gentle with yourself and your yoni.

Love Rosie x

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