Red Carnelian Guided Yoni Egg Meditation


Have you ever wanted a guided yoni egg meditation to practice everyday, specifically tailored to the crystal yoni egg you own? In this 23 minute audio, founder Rosie Rees guides you through an empowering Yoni Egg ritual working with the crystal Red Carnelian. 

With Rosie’s buttery smooth voice and visualisation cues, you are destined to be whisked away on a journey of self healing and pelvic floor activation. 

The first half of the mediation is focused on presenting yourself to your red carnelian egg, gaining consent for insertion and thus receiving the egg into the vagina.

The second half is focused on pelvic floor activation practices using the yoni egg as a weight trainer to tone and strengthen the pussy muscles.

Practice every day for ultimate results and join the Golden Yoni membership for access to all the crystal guided yoni egg mediations.

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